The new architectural attraction in Dubai is not what you would expect it to be. It is not an enormous landscape-changing project aimed for millions of visitors that can be viewed from a huge distance. This project comes in collaboration with the famous Dutch design firm OMA and it looks more like contemporary architectural projects that come from the old continent. It is called Concrete. And it really is a concrete box. Very minimalist in design and execution, very sophisticated. From the outside it looks like sequence of squared shapes put together with a soft touch of a surreal imagination coming with slightly inclined walls back and forward – alternately. It is made of rough black concrete, converted from warehouse spaces and is now used as a new art and exhibition space. It is made very simple on the outside, but it is also made very simple, flexible and neutral on the inside, with moveable walls. Very European, right? But its creators say that the building is totally produced in Dubai and it is not introducing a new shape. And that is true. It is truly Middle Eastern, keeping a form of a simple desert dwelling.


OMA is already famous for some most inspiring architecture artworks and Concrete is their first design in the country.  This Alserkal Avenue’s 600 square meters art space is unlike other mega projects this design company was supposed to perform in UAE, but they claim Concrete is a starting point for negotiating a serious evolution in architecture in the region.


On of the first exhibition the Concrete will host will be high fashion show that goes so well with minimalist rough design. It will be Burberry’s limited edition that was presented during London Fashion Week in February. Inspired by Henry Moore, his sculptures and his designs, Burberry has shown 78 capes, 30 of which will be presented in Dubai’s Concrete. They are made as a combination of materials, and textures, totally unique and made with special skills and artistry. Of course, each peace will be available for order, and will be produced custom-made for each customer. Burberry show at Concrete will be a unique opportunity in the region to experience up-close high fashion clothing and it is expected to attract fashion lovers from the region. As for the Concrete, it is evident that it will be dedicated to remarkable projects that will keep moving boundaries in the future.