Are you tired of reading the same old muddled accounts and balance sheets and looking to clear up the mess? Off course, you cannot do it on your own and might need to hire those who can. Welcome to internal auditing, but this is something that your accountants cannot negotiate with. The fact that auditing can be a complex thing will likely lead you to explore your options. Since no one in your business is capable enough to complete the job, it is time to look elsewhere.

A cursory online search will lead you to hundreds of value added tax consultant in dubai. However, with so many firms offering excellent quality audit firms around, choosing the right one can get confusing. Chances are that some of the firms are not up to the mark and you still end up with one. If so, the only way is to get rid of them and find a new one that could fulfill your internal auditing needs. Here are some tricks that will lead you to the best internal auditors for your company:

Consult Experts And Peers

Even though you are an entrepreneur, you may not know everything. The same applies for internal auditors. Now is the time to ask those who have hired expertise of internal auditors and are satisfied with them. It is evident that not all will be satisfied of their auditors, but some will be. It is those who will help you find the right audit firm. Keep inquiring until someone led you to an excellent internal audit firm. Once you’ve found one, conduct an interview session and inquire them about their skills and expertise. Ask them whether they’ve pulled similar jobs in the past or not.


All In One Or Just Internal

There are no criteria that could suggest an internal audit only firm has an upper hand over an internal/ external audit firm. However, since you are only concerned with internal audits, you shouldn’t be looking to hire internal/ external firm. As such, the internal audit firm will spend more time on one aspect of auditing and might provide you speedy results well before the deadline falls. Also, as they have to focus on just one task, they are not concerned with any external audit stuff.

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