Massage therapy doesn’t fall into one category. Most people have a particular conception about massage; they have an image of a table and oils. Infect there are dozens of massage types.  All these methods and types are called modalities. These modalities help in particular problems to get positive results. One more thing we need to know that every modality is not everyone; it is suggested by doctors to patients.

Here we will not discuss all these modalities, but here are some popular types and modalities of massage.

Swedish massage:

This is one of the most popular types of massage. This is a gentle massage of full body and ideal for those people who have depression or sensitive to touch. This is also suitable for newer people to massage. It helps in releasing muscle knots and the best choice for those who want full relaxation while massaging. In this massage therapists use specific combinations such as deep circular motion, kneading, flowing strokes in the direction of heart and vibration, and tapping. Many salons offer this massage and mani pedi deals in Dubai.

Hot stone massage:

This is an extremely good choice for people who have muscle pain or depression. This is quite similar to Swedish massage, but the therapist uses hot stone as well as hands. This massage helps to improve blood flow in the body and eases muscle tension. It also helps in relieving stress and alleviates pain. In this massage hot stone places on different parts of the body by using the Swedish method.  Deep tissue massage:

In this massage therapists use deep pressure on the body, which is quite more than Swedish massage? These types of massage are good for people with chronic pain, injury, soreness, or imbalance. It helps in relieving muscle pain, tight muscle, and anxiety. While deep tissue massages therapists use many techniques like slow storks, deep figure pressure, and deep strokes. This massage takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Sports massage:

This massage is the best choice for athletes. During sports players have to so many problems, like muscle pain, injury chronic pain, etc. that is why this massage has much importance in all games. It also helps in increasing body flexibility and performance. One more thing it also gives relaxation in anxiety or muscle tension.

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