Well, if you are experiencing issues with the engine, and you feel like it is causing trouble, then you have to find a top-class repair shop to get proper  Range Rover service in Dubai. Keep in mind that these cars are quite rugged and they were designed to be class leading 4WD vehicles from the get-go, but even the best needs maintenance, so will your Range Rover so you should be mentally ready for it. When you do, you will start exploring the finest repair services in town, and you will soon find several. The weather and elements can take a toll in the engine, electrical and mechanical parts of the car. You will find that the Check Engine Light continues to blink ever so often when you push your car during day time. Why does that happen? There can be many reasons for a CEL to blink, but you need not mess with things when your mechanics have the expertise to do it. On a side note, the blinking of CEL is a sign that something related to the engine, filter, electrical systems are malfunctioning, though faulty or dirty sensors can also make the light to blink. It can also be the case when the timing belt creates trouble, though that seldom happens as factory fitted timing belts are known to last for thousands of miles.

What needs to be done

First of all, you should take the car to the mechanic and tell him about the problem. An experienced mechanic will identify the problem by starting the car even if you didn’t say a word. Try doing that in your next visit and you might see that happening. For experienced mechanics, it is easy as they counter such problems day in and day out, so they can tell the overall condition of the engine just by listening to the sound. Too much noise in the engine may be due to many reasons, but the mechanic will suggest changing the engine oil as that might too low and creating the sound because of that. Ring and piston examination or a faulty gasket can also be the reason, so those may be examined too.

Faulty timing belt needs replaced

The timing belt will cause chirping noise and that might be the indication it needs to be replaced. The new timing belt may need calibration which is what the mechanic will take care of. Eventually, your vehicle will leave the  Porsche service center in Abu Dhabi without having any issues whatsoever.