Getting safe through virus protection is the need of everyone now days because of so many hackers and unethical internet users who will steal your data and then misuse that. For all those people there is a good thing that now they can save themselves from all these threats through the use of antiviruses which they can get from different ways. There are pain versions and also the free ones and you can get them according to your need and the requirements of your system. If you want to download the free version for your personal system then you should see this guide about antivirus download to know about the different steps which you need to perform in this process:

Select an antivirus: The first step is that you have to select the antivirus according to your need. There are several antiviruses that are good for personal use and you can get their access easily. First step is that you have to select one of them which will provide you all the features which you require.

Download: Then the next step is that you have to download your selected antivirus. It is not a difficult thing to do. You just need to see the features and then search for the download button which may be at the upper right corner or at the bottom of the page. When you get that button then hit the button and wait for the program to download. It may take several minutes and you have to wait patiently.

Installation: Once you downloaded then you need to install it in to your system and for that you need to open the antivirus file which you download and then follow the instructions carefully. It will ask you to click few of the options and you need to read them before clicking to know about them and then you need to wait for another few minutes so that it will get installed in to your system.

Run: After completing the installation process, you have to run the program for the first time to get an in depth scan of your system. In this process it will scan your system, it is running for the first time so it needs to scan every file present there, it will take some time and then your system will be protected.