Voice over talents are a critical part of a post-production team. Their talent gives life to simple videos and their voice can bring to life characters. In terms of advertising, he will become the voice of the brand, literally. The right quality of voice can help you connect with your target audience, but a wrong one can also create a great disconnect, which is why getting the right voice talent to lend his expertise in important.

If you are currently looking for one for a project, here are some tips that can help you scout the best talent for voice overs for audio production in Dubai:

Look for recommendations

The first order of business is to source for a voice talent. Surprisingly, there are lots of service providers who offer voice overs to clients. That can be one of your sources. But you can also check your colleagues if they recommend someone based on your requirements. Your network might be able to provide you with list of voice talents needed for a project.

When asking for recommendations, be sure to provide a brief on the kind of voice over talent you needed for your project (i.e. female or male, modular or high pitch, etc.). This is to prevent others from recommending someone that might not be fit for your requirements.

Check their portfolio

When you have a list of names of recommended voice talents, you can start contacting them by phone and ask for their body of work. Their portfolio would give you sense of what they can do in terms of range and quality. Based on their portfolio, you can already list down your top choices and also some fall backs.

When making a call, be sure not to commit yet on anything so the talents will not expect everything from your end. Just give them a brief explanation on why you call and why you are asking their portfolio.

Let them go through the audition

The true test of choosing the right voice over talent is holding a casting call. Set an appointment to the voice over talents on your list and book a studio for the audition. Be sure to provide a couple of script they can narrate or act to. It would be best if you can invite some of your team members to check each voice talent and grade their performance based on the criteria that the team set. They will also help on deciding which of the talents fit your requirements. Browse this site for more information in this regard.