Our teeth are a great gift of God and need proper care and maintenance to make our smiles flawless. Millions of people suffer teeth loss every year due to aging, decay, disease, or injury. Dental implants in Dubai provide the best dental solutions. Implants give strong temporary or permanent foundation support to natural teeth.

There are many advantages related to dental implants, which include:

  • Jaw Appearance: They are quite similar to natural teeth and strong enough to be used like normal one, make the jaw appearance more natural.
  • Normalize speech: It is useful in mumbling and slur by providing proper mouth and teeth support.
  • Very comfortable: As they fused into the jaw bone they are very comfortable to be utilized for mouth functioning.
  • Chewing and Eating: After dental implant a jaw will become more synchronized and provide comfortable chewing and eating.
  • Flawless Smile: Smiles add to your self-esteem and after dental implants they become more proper and make you feel more confident to talk or smile.
  • Increase dental Support: Dental implants reduce foundation and root-canal issues therefore they help in maintenance of oral health and hygiene.
  • Long lasting: Dental implants are quite long-lasting and supportive if given proper care till lifetime.
  • Convenience: Other than removable tooth or jaw structure, dental implants are very convenient to place and no further removal is needed because they have nearly 98 percent success rate.

Patients who have healthy gums and stiff jaw structure can avail this surgery and improve his or her dental structure without any problem. This dental surgery is a bit risky for diabetic and heart patients due to a high risk of low blood sugar or anesthesia intolerance.

This implantation is not covered under insurance policies and coverage. Therefore, it needs proper planning of financial expenditure before execution.

Under a team of professionals, treatment plan is designed according to a patient’s requirement. These doctors are very well-trained and experienced cosmetic and dental surgeries. The tooth root is made from titanium which is fused inside the jaw bone. The process is a bit painful but after healing the jaw bone and gum totally grip the implant and give a normal and natural feeling to the patient. The overall healing process following the surgery takes around 10 to 12 weeks.

An abutment (screw) is attached to safe the implanted tooth and secure its bond with jaw bone. After healing the implanted tooth is further crowned with a cap to give it a fined and finished look. Dental implant has similar care requirements like a natural teeth and regular checkups with the dentist to make sure its durability. The best dental clinics in Dubai are providing emergency and on-call appointments for their patients for any dental issue.