Marriage counselor is a person who will fix your marriage. For example, you and your partner are not having the best part of their marriage and none of you are ready to listen to each other. But at some point, one of you wants that this marriage should breakup and he/she thinks that there should be a middle man or a woman that will stay neutral throughout the explaining and will not take sides and will suggest what to do. So, basically that middle person is a marriage counselor. There are different reasons to visit a marriage counselor, it is not necessary that you are fighting and only then you could visit. If you are having different problems within yourself and you want to discuss with someone, that someone can be a marriage counselor. You can get the best relationship counselling in Dubai.

But there are different things to see before you visit the marriage counselor, and one of many things is that we all know that see a marriage counselor can be very expensive and that is why you need to make sure that does your insurance cover the expenses of visiting the marriage counselor. If not then, there are different online marriage counselors as well, who are there to provide the services for free. They do this as a kindness to humanity because who are married are more likely to fall into depression and develop different levels of anxiety disorders in the later years. You can also hire the therapist of mental health in UAE.

You also need to see that what are the counselor’s credentials which means to see what are the qualifications of the marriage counselors. There are different marriage counselors who have specialized in couple marriage fixing, some have specialized in sexology and some even have specialized in psychology as well. You will find the most marriage counselors who have master’s or more advanced degree in psychology. This is because psychology is a subject that is used to cover most departments of almost all the things. You can also ask for the marriage counselor’s record, not that they will tell you exact names but they can show you the testimonials. Or they can share stories which are similar to your case and they can also show you the stats in figures but you will not be able to see the names because that will be violation of the rules.