Dubai is a huge city and walking is usually not an option, especially under the scorching sun. You really don’t even want to do 2 steps outside, so you have to look for other options. Transportation in Dubai works very well: the buses are clean and new, taxis are comfortable, metro is simple to use. The government of Dubai worked hard to make the transportation as convenient as possible for both visitors and locals. I already listed the means of transportation in Dubai and now, let’s take a close look at each of them.

Who is the responsible body for transportation in Dubai?

Before getting to the main types, we should understand who makes the operation of transportation possible. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) formed in 2005, takes care of the road, transport, and traffic in Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) makes sure that the transport works on time and smoothly.


The bus system in Dubai is very close to being perfect. It has 193 routes, the buses are big, comfortable, it does not cost a lot and the air conditioning always works. The only problem is that buses do not work during the weekends, so you have to count on other means of transportation. There are around 600 bus stations in Dubai and most of them have air conditioning too. So, here is a tip for you, look for a bus station if you are hot.


Even though the Dubai Metro has only 2 lines, it is still quite popular among locals and visitors. Here is another fun fact about Dubai used to have the longest driverless, fully automated train system in the world but Vancouver peated Dubai. The Metro is clean, fast, safe, efficient and worth the money. The metro has separate sections for males and females, so watch out for that.


If I had to rank transportation based on the number of users, taxis will win the first place. They are very inexpensive, comfortable and you are the only one in it. The drivers are extremely nice and will take you to your destination safe and sound. There are actually pink taxis in Dubai, which means the drivers are women and they are for females.


Bus, metro, and taxis – these are your options to get from airport to your hotel or any other part of the city. Dubai cares about comfort and requires RTA to provide it via transportation.