The term immigration is basically used to denote the process through which a foreign individual leaves his or her native country, and migrates to a new with the sole intent of residing and getting employed there. People who opt for immigration to a different country are known as immigrants.


The one thing that needs to be mentioned here is that irrespective of the legal status that is held by immigrants processed by the best immigration consultants in Dubai, every single one of them holds human rights. Although it is possible for the country to regulate the entry as well as the stay of non-nationals within the country, it is only allowed to do so within the limits their human rights obligations. It is necessary for the government of a country like the United States of America to make sure that the policies, practices and laws that it comes up with do not abuse any rights of the immigrants of the country. Here’s a bit of information about the rights that are held by all immigrants:


The basic rights of an immigrant

When it comes to the basic rights of an immigrant, it is necessary for you to bear in mind that all international human rights apply to immigrants, irrespective of their status in the country. The rights that are most commonly enjoyed by all immigrants are inclusive of the right to life, education, liberty, security, freedom from discrimination, equal protection of the law, freedom from torture/slavery, freedom from arbitrary detention and arrest, freedom of religion, association and express etc.


If truth be told, these basic rights are actually protected by a number of international treaties.

The rights that all immigrants get to enjoy include those of family unity, non-discrimination, safety and security, equality in terms of protection and due process, humane treatment in detention, asylum, just working conditions, and the right to education etc. Apart from these, immigrants also enjoy the right to housing, healthcare, freedom of speech/religion and cultural continuity.

There are quite a few treaties in place, all of which are known to address the basic rights of all immigrants. When you read more about this, you will find that this includes the Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families, along with the Convention associated with the Status of Refugees.