If you see the quotation of Einstein, he said that the imagination can take us everywhere, he didn’t concentrate on the logic but he concentrated more on the word imagination. If Einstein has said something there surely there must be something important about imagination. If you want to raise your kids in a better way if you want to give them true wings so that they fly higher then let them imagine, give them strength to imagine new things.

You must have heard about artists that they imagine a lot, artists are genius because of their imagination they try to find out something new in everything and that imagination lead them to create master pieces which are praised by everyone. If you want to give a gift of imagination then get them enrolled in drawing classes. You can find many institutes offering drawing classes in Dubai.

Help your kids

If you want to raise an intellectual personality, if you want to bless this world with an intellectual human being then when your kid ask you to buy art and craft things, never say no to them. Let them wander, give them the wings. If you are not aware of how art and craft helps in child development then here you will find the reason


In all the art and crafts activities, the movement of both hands is necessary whether it is cutting pasting, sewing or coloring. When a kid uses his both hands then he get to learn so many things, he get to learn that the coordination is very important in life. If the coordination won’t be there nothing will get done. Skills

The cognitive brain never limits you! It is so very important for the cognitive development of a kid that you get them involved in the art and craft. The visual skills of a kid enhances, a kid gets to learn about different colors, you give him the sense of decision making, he select the colors on his own, he thinks which color he should use, which color will complement his drawing. All these things boost his self-confidence and teach him decision making at very early stage of life.

These little things matter a lot when a kid starts growing up, if a kid gets to learn these things early then he transforms into an amazing individual. Click on read more if you wish to know more about how art and craft help you kids.