SEO means search engine optimization and it is a tool that is used to take your site to the top of the search engine first pages. And when that happens, you can say that your company is making a lot of money and yet the site must be making a lot of money as well because your AdSense enables and you are eligible to Google so they make you good amount of money.

People have different questions regarding this tool because it is a new thing and people are unaware of it. It is a good thing that people have questions but, in this digital world where most people are fake and everyone becomes an expert to show that they know everything. And at the end of the day when people don’t have the right answers, they simply leave the tool and find for small tricks that makes their site ban by Google. If you are about to use this tool and you have some questions then you are in luck because here, we have answered the most frequently asked questions with the best possible answers and if your answer is not there, you can ask us anytime and these answers are verified by the top SEO company and the best web development companies in UAE;

  1. One of many questions that people ask is that do I really need SEO? And the answer is yes, you do. You definitely need it if you have opened an online business. There are even YouTube channels and TikTok accounts that need SEO. If you think that this tool is expensive then the easy yet the slowest thing to do is that you can add and fill your website will good content. And may be some day, you will get good ranking.
  2. People ask that how SEO work? Well, you must know that the SEO is a sea of options and there are loads of things that you can do to get your site on the top. The main things are;
  3. Keyword search and write useful content on that keyword.
  4. Indexing
  5. Citation.
  6. On page SEO
  7. Off page SEO
  8. Business listing
  9. Backlinking.
  10. People also ask that can I buy backlinks? And the answer is yes, you can buy backlinks.